Friday, 25 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study Introduction

       We have recently started our global issues novel study and were asked to choose a novel which discusses a global issue we are passionate about. I decided to read Fahrenheit 451, a fictional novel by Ray Bradbury. Here is an website where you can read the synopsis to help explain what it is about:

       I chose this book to study as I was captivated by the plot as well as the social implications caused by both the burning of the novels as well as Montag rebelling against the society's controlling and manipulative demeanour. As I have began to read the book, I  have so many questions! Warning: SPOILER'S AHEAD! Here are the main one's:
  • Where is Clarisse?! She disappeared without so much as a word or explanation. I want to know why she suddenly disappeared. 
  • After Mildred is healed after her attempted suicide and wakes up remembering nothing of it, I wonder if the government uses this method or a variant of it to keep  it's citizens subdued. 
  • Why exactly are books considered an illegal commodity? I have a hypothesis but I wonder if it will prove correct. I'll share this in later analysis of the novel.
       There have been many gripping characters introduced, here is a quick synopsis on them and their importance to the story:
  • Guy Montag - The protagonist of the story, he is a 30 year old fireman who (at the beginning of the book) enjoys his job. He is married to Mildred. As he begins to talk to Clarisse, he realizes how utterly colourless his life really is. 
  • Clarisse - Eccentric and mysterious, she is a 17 year old girl whose family moves next door to Montag only to disappear about 15% into the novel. She has a perspective Montag has never even thought about and opens his eyes to the world and society they live in. 
  • Milred - Montags wife. It is discovered she is depressed and attempts suicide. Her marriage lacks any depth or real emotion. 
  • Captain Beatty - Montag's harsh fireman leader, he is the first definitive representation we see of social conduct in this society. 
       At this point, the main issue being addressed in Fahrenheit 451 is government involvement in personal lives and the concept of social censorship. On this topic I know a little bit, but not enough to make an accurate inference on how this impacts the lives of other's in foreign countries. 

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