Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Exploring Empathy

Today we worked on a project designed to help us understand the human condition around the globe and build empathy for others using our knowledge from our GINS books and main characters. 

I wrote mine from the main character's perspective (Guy Montag)

       The struggle of hiding my secret is terrible. The choices I have made- the choices to fight for freedom- are weighing on my mind. So much so that I feel as though in any moment I will shatter or burn- burn like the thousands of books I have burned myself. The price of “peace” as they call it is that the inherent need for humans to learn and share knowledge is taken away. By preserving and hiding the books and knowledge I can only hope that when enough people take my cause we can evolve as a people and pursue a life worth living. That is, if I am not killed first. It’s infuriating how even the freedom of our own expression has been ripped out of our hands and no one knows, and even if they do know they do not care. The life I have been living is not meaningful; wake up, burn books, sleep, repeat. So meaningless, so utterly vapid and full of nothing. The people I should supposedly love are people I do not know at all, and the worst of it is that I have been living this way my whole life. And it took a 16-year-old girl to make me realize so. I do not know whether my daring actions will result in change, but I do know that change does not start with no one. 

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